What to Bring

The Laguna 69 trek is only a one-day trip so try not to overpack, the lighter the better! Also prepare for extreme temperature change! During the morning and evening hours you will need to layer up but on the trek, the sun shines so shorts and a T-shirt will do! Most important to thing to remember is food and water. Here’s the essential list of what to bring to Laguna 69:


Packing List

Day pack Backpack

A good daypack or a backpack always helps you keep your things well organized on any hike or a trek. There is a wide variety of backpacks available.



Trekking poles

Trekking poles can prove very helpful on slippery steep parts of the trek. Recommended for hikers who want to reduce damage to their knees, ankles and pride!


Hiking poles


Bring 10 soles for the Entrance fee.

Peruvian soles


Bring plenty of water and snacks, you need to keep yourself energized throughout the trek and water is one of the best ways to help prevent altitude sickness (Approx 3L). It’s also a good idea to Pack a lunch, there’s an amazing view waiting for you at the top.

Water container

Coca leaves

Again optional but if you are worried about the altitude sickness, chewing Coca leaves while you trek can help prevent this. You can find Coca leaves all over Peru even in supermarkets and if you don’t like the taste you can always make them into tea!

Coca leaves

Toilet roll

With all the water you’ll be drinking, bring a roll of paper just in case!


Toilet paper


Altitude sickness isn’t the only thing you need to worry about when so high up! During the trek it gets very sunny, so apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses/hat.

Sun screen

Rain gear

There’s always a chance of rain, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Bring a rain jacket and a spare pair of socks!



Waterproof jacket

Hiking shoes

Either hiking boots or trail runners will work, just know that there’s a chance your shoes will get muddy and wet.

Hiking shoes


Laguna 69 is extremely picturesque! It would be a shame to forget a camera. Some of the best shots have been taken by a GoPro, capturing a wide panoramic angle of the stunning blue lagoon.



Go Pro camera